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Thank you my friends for taking your precious time visiting and learning About Conquering Lymphoma. I am only assuming your here because you or maybe a close loved one is diagnosed with Blood Cancer or Lymphoma. At this point, it doesn’t matter WHAT type of Blood Cancer you may have (Leukemia, MDS, Myeloma or Lymphoma), all Blood Cancers are the same. We might name them differently but within our body, they pretty much respond the same to our body systems. Make sense?

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Let me introduce myself

My name is Chad Napier and I have more than 25 years of experience in Research & Development within Nutrition & Holistic Nutrition; and nearly 17 years of experience in extensive research with Blood Cancers & Lymphoma.

I am not going to get into my past that much but my interest in Blood Cancers & Lymphoma was because my dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma when he was in his mid-thirties. AND, it didn’t stop there. My dad struggled for nearly sixteen (16) years until finally the Lymphoma won.

During these sixteen (16) years, my dad was in-and-out of remission. The Lymphoma kept of reoccurring; and over the years, I was flabbergasted...

Why does this monster keep on reoccurring?

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I can remember, in the beginning of my dad being diagnosed, the doctors gave him round-after-round of chemotherapy; and as we all know how chemotherapy works, the doctors gave my dad as much as his body could stand. And that wasn’t it, he was on a series of medications; and if one medication was not working, the doctors  just prescribed another one.

This wasn’t it. My dad’s bone marrow test came back positive. He needed a Bone Marrow Transplant. There are two choices: 

A person is their being own donor.

Usually with doctors, they lean towards the 1st choice first to see if it works and to see if our body accepts it. 

A person looks for an outside donor.

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My dad was in the first choice. He was his own donor, which finally put him in remission but he wasn’t in the clear. With all the medications and chemotherapy, my dad was never the same afterwards—physically, mentally and personality.

Before Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Before my dad was even diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, he was a very mild diabetic. With all the chemotherapy sessions given, this made him a severe diabetic. 

Even during the chemotherapy treatments they were giving him insulin shots because chemotherapy skyrockets the blood sugar. This is the main reason why you see people become diabetics after chemotherapy treatments.

With my dad, he became such a severe diabetic quickly he got horrible cataracts in his eyes, which almost made him legally blind. 

What the Doctors said: 
“It was like he was 80 years old.” 

Eventually dad had his cataracts surgically removed but he remained a severe diabetic.

He remained in remission for a while but eventually the Lymphoma reappeared a couple more times. He was back in the hospital doing the same routine—medications & chemotherapy.

This is where it even gets a little more ridiculous. Since his Lymphoma reoccurred a few times, the doctors suggested that he have all his teeth extracted because they thought the Lymphoma was hiding within the sockets of the teeth or maybe even in an abscessed tooth or infection. Can you even imagine! To get all teeth pulled! But my dad concurred and had all his teeth extracted. 

You know what…after all this, the Blood Cancer returned.

Over the (16) years, my dad was in-and-out of remission around six times, maybe even more. The last time it reoccurred was the most vicious.  Dad was put on the regular routine of medications and chemotherapy. He was then added to the Donor’s list for a Bone Marrow Transplant. Unfortunately, his white blood cell count was too low to ever have the transplant.

The doctors ran a spinal tap and the Blood Cancer had moved to his spinal fluid and within his spinal fluid around his brain. Near the end, eventually, the cancer moved to his brain and ultimately having brain cancer.

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This may be a sad story but this is what drove me to understand this enemy. If you want to beat this enemy, YOU have to KNOW this enemy. YOU have to know its Strengths and Weaknesses. Period!

If you are diagnosed with a Blood Cancer, I feel you. I know what you are going through and I know what your siblings are going through, as I was one. I know how it tears apart families & even the finances.

I am here for you! And, I can help you, I really can.

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