How to Heal Your Body After Lymphoma?

Hello My Friends. I have been thinking about lately ‘the key concepts’ How to Heal Your Body After Lymphoma (Note: at this point, it does not matter if it is Hodgkin’s or Non-Hodgkin’s). Mostly, I have been pondering, Why are people not getting results? What is happening? Can it be fixed?” People want to be healthy, they really do! People want to heal, and self-healing but something is not working! Are you feeling me? Are you having these types of thoughts?

The main issue today, as I see it, is that people are marketed to “quick results,” “short-cuts,” or I love this one “Health Hacks or Bio Hacks” and so forth. We get all mixed up in these fallacies. And, YES, these are fallacies. Think about is this way…if it was easy, then everyone would do it, everyone would be in shape, 100% disease-free, and wealthy right?

This is the detrimental issue!!! Even for myself, as a dig deeper in Marketing, building a brand and a company, there is a HUGE side of the Marketing industry that says, TELL PEOPLE WANT THEY WANT TO HEAR SO THEY BUY YOUR PRODUCT! That’s the basics to Marketing. And even nowadays, it is getting worse. And of course, I have many examples…hmmm….

  • I feel the BIGGEST is shortcuts. Marketing shortcuts to achieve results. For example, like biohacking, funnel hacking, weight loss hacks and so forth.
  • Most Marketers in the Health Industry have very elementary knowledge.

You see, with most marketers, if they told you the truth, well then, would you buy their products? Maybe or maybe not. Then it does not stop here! Most marketers, not all by the way, have very little knowledge about their actual product. Their knowledge is in Marketing. And the evilness here is the cycle continues, it’s like you are on a GINORMOUS HAMSTER WHEEL. You want to get off, but you don’t know how.

picture of man and woman running on a gigantic hamster wheel
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So, lets begin…

This may not be what you want to here, but its the TRUTH!

The SECRET is…


This is the great mistake that most people are involved with. They want to live any lifestyle and eat anything they want with no consequences. Further, they believe in shortcuts. They ask questions like…

  1. Well Chad, what is a great Probiotic I can take?
  2. Chad, what is a great Enzyme I can take?
  3. What is a great Essential Oil I can take?
  4. Chad, what is a great Herb I can take?
  5. and SO ON….

Now, there is nothing wrong with probiotics, enzymes, essential oils and herbs BUT the reason WHY they are not working is that “you are not mastering the basics.” What people are doing is…they are trying to take Advanced Nutritional Supplements or Knowledge and NEGLECT the basics!

Let me flip it to Success for a second…

In the book ‘Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill‘ it is amazing that in EVERY CHAPTER Hill speaks on Mastering the Basics. And Hill even states, if Success is not working it’s because YOU HAVE NOT MASTERED THE BASICS. 

Within the book, Hill speaks on the ’13’ principles of success and he continues that it is about mastery of ALL 13 principles…

  1. NOT some
  2. NOT ‘1’ or ‘2’
  3. ALL

If we apply the same knowledge to Health and “How to Heal Your Body After Lymphoma” it is about MASTERY–> Mastering all the basics in Health. The basics work in unison together. Their is not one more important than the other.

It’s like a chain on a bike, when a link brakes on the chain, well, what happens? It effects the whole chain, right?

picture of a bicycle chain
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NOW, as I am writing this article, I have very little time, and not enough time to get into the basics of Health, and let me tell you something, it’s NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS

How to Heal Your Body After Lymphoma?

But this is what I want you to do. I wrote a book about Conquering Lymphoma–> GET IT! Read it! And add it too your bookshelf. Then read it again. Remember, when we read a book or new information we only retain about 10%. This is why it is so important to create a personal library for yourself. Keep your books so your can re-read them.

You might be saying,



Or, You might be very specific and ask: 

What type of Lymphoma are you referencing because not ALL Lymphoma’s are the same???

Let me remind you, a ‘Blood Cancer’ and ‘Lymphoma’ and even Hodgkin’s or Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma are dealing with the largest systems in our body and within this book, I give thorough information on the basics in health. It all applies. We have to STOP assuming just because Cancer has a different name, it doesn’t associate with any other Cancer. Most diseases and cancers are very, very, very, very…Did I say very enough…similar to one another in terms of how it effects our body systems. So, how to heal your body after lymphoma, it is going to effect our blood and lymphatic system, period!

At this point, I have to run some errands. But I’m going to give you some homework. I bet you love homework, huh. Just joking. But I am serious…lol. Here is your homework assignment, I have an excellent secret training on Blood Cancers and Lymphoma, do the training. Plus, don’t worry, it is free.

Further, I want you to focus on the basics to your health. You can only have a strong foundation in health by mastering the basics, period.

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Chad Napier